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Published Book in 6 months!

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Are you ready to publish your book, but find yourself overwhelmed and in need of support?

Jamie S. Crump
Backstage Pass: Pulling the Curtain
Back on the Business of Supplier Diversity

Have you found yourself asking these questions to anyone around you who will listen?

  • How do I sell my book on Amazon?
  • How do I know if I am hiring the right cover designer?
  • ​Does my book need editing?
  • ​Once my book is for sale, how do people find it?
  • ​How do I know what kind of marketing my book needs? 
  • ​Do I need to hire someone to manage this for me?
  • ​How many hours is this going to take me to do?
  • ​How quickly can I get my book published?
  • ​Is self-publishing the right decision for me?

Does your head hurt from simply reading this list? Ours too!

Our Authors Have Been Featured In...

And many other places...

Let's reduce your overwhelm and agree on what you do need...

There is a long list of items needed to publish a quality book, but let's focus on the core fundamentals of what we KNOW you need...

a well edited book that is a true reflection of you, your brand, and your business

a visually appealing interior layout that provides a smooth and seamless reader experience

a strong cover design that captivates your potential reader

a strategic marketing approach that ensures your readers will find and buy your book

Now, here's what you need but may not know about...

A Reputable Publishing Partner: There is no shortage of predatory service providers. You need a collaborative partner who is going to care as much about your book as you do.

A Book Strategist: Your reputation is only as good as the quality of your book. Are you willing to risk it and publish a subpar book that damages your brand?

A Financial Strategist: There are endless ways to waste your money by hiring the wrong people or approaching the publishing process in the wrong order. You need an advisor who will ensure you are only spending money that you need to.

Your priority should be

to publish a book that will align with who you are, what you do, and how you serve others, that ALSO strategically creates new opportunities.

This requires STRATEGY to be done right.

The age-old question...

Which do you have more of?




If you have more MONEY, you may want to bypass the learning curve and work with us directly to publish your book.
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If you have more TIME, let's explore the benefits of working with us through the PYP Academy.

Publishing a book that strategically aligns with your brand, your business, and your speaking, is going to take longer than 30 or 90-days regardless of what other experts might tell you. 

With the PYP Academy we will work with you to ensure you are putting out the absolute best representation of you and your brand that will grow your business and impact your community.

In 6-months you will go from a manuscript to published book.

Strategy is at the core of everything we will do together. Over the course of 6-months we are going to work with you through our process of producing a high-quality book that you are proud of that delivers results. Publishing your book is an investment, so there should be a very clear and direct path back to how you are going to make money using your book.

We aren’t just going to take the manuscript you’ve provided and show you how to edit it, we are going to enhance and elevate the quality of the entirety of the manuscript before it moves to editing.

This isn’t just another "publish your book in 90-days program", we are experts in elevating thought leadership through books, which requires precision that is rooted in successful strategies. Most commonly authors are able to complete their book within 6-months, however, if editing takes longer than anticipated it may take a bit longer than our 6-month goal together.

Over 115 authors served

78% are bestsellers

Here's something you don't know you need yet...

There's more to your success than simply publishing your book. Unlike most publishing companies, we play THREE KEY ROLES to fully support you as an author. We are your...



Your book’s success is our highest priority. We work with you every step of the way, from manuscript to marketing, to ensure your book is directly aligned with your goals as an author, a thought leader, and as a speaker.



Writing and publishing a book can be an emotional process. Our team is comprised of empathetic, compassionate, and understanding professionals, who are beside you in each step of this journey.



When you feel stumped or are hitting a roadblock, we are there to pick you up, cheer you on, and ensure you cross the finish line and publish your book!

Over our 6 months together we are going to cover
these key areas:

There are a lot of other smaller details that we will cover in the program. No need to get into the minutiae (yet)—one step at a time. See the Nuts & Bolts section below for more in depth details.

The below timeline is based on best practices, however, the order of what happens when does change. If you get things done faster we can hit deadlines earlier. If you need more time for any of these areas, we aren't going to rush you through it. We want it to be perfect, and to align with your vision. And don't worry, we'll be alongside navigating it all with you. 



Create a Project Plan and Book Launch Timeline: One of the hardest parts of publishing is not knowing what you need to do and when. This can make it very difficult to stay on track, while also promoting your book to your audience. In a private one-on-one session, we sit down together and map out the moving pieces and parts to set you up for success. 

Calculate Your Return on Investment: We know publishing comes with many expenses so we will work with you so you can see how much you have already spent, how much you still need to spend, and how you can quickly make that money back. It's not just the individual sale of one book, but also selling books in large quantities, and the new consulting and/or speaking opportunities you will create.

Preparing Your Manuscript: Does your current manuscript include things such as a foreword, testimonials, an about the author page, an about your company page, or how to hire you to speak? There are many other potential items that need to be in your manuscript, which are commonly referred to as the front matter and back matter of a book. We will work with you to identify what belongs in your book and provide examples for inspiration.


Hiring Editor(s): Did you know there are 4 types of editing that your book may need? Yes, it's true! Editing isn't just grammar and punctuation. To have the maximum impact on your reader and your business your book must be cohesive and easy for your readers to understand. It must also strategically engage your reader to leave your book and get on your website and/or mailing list for future opportunities. This is an art that must be approached with intention. We will personally matchmake you with the right editors for your book. The editing process continues for a couple of months.

Title and Subtitle Analysis: If you are having doubts about your title or subtitle, we will analyze it with you and suggest improvements that will ultimately result in a stronger book overall.

Your Book Description: Your book is as only as good as your readers willingness to pick it up and read it. Your book description is a critical part of this process. We will connect you with a professional copywriter who will create a book description that resonates and lands with your reader.


Editing Continues: You will move into the next phase of editing.

Hiring a Cover Designer: Completing your book cover can be an overwhelming process. From the actual design of the cover to understanding what type of files and templates the printer requires, we have you covered (pun intended). You will save time and money by utilizing our process to ensure your cover designer knocks it out of the park.

Marketing Strategy Discussion: The marketing strategy of your book is just as important as the book itself. In addition to asking marketing questions in our weekly group calls, you will also have a private one-on-one session with the PYP Team, where we will sit down together and map out the moving pieces and parts for your particular book and marketing strategy that will set you up for success. 


Editing is Completed: By this time most are done with the editing process. However, it is not uncommon to extend beyond this month. If so, don't worry, you'll just keep on doing what you can while the editing wraps up.

Interior Layout (Typesetting): The inside of your book is equally as important as the outside. Often shortcuts are taken, where the wrong fonts used, the spacing is incorrect, and this leads to a poor reading experience. We will work with you highlighting the best practices for subtlety and strategically approaching how the inside of your book makes your reader feel. This is more than just formatting a Word document.

Book Pricing: There are many variables when it comes to pricing your book. Not only do you need to think about your end reader, a consumer, but you also need to think about your price point for a bookstore, library, or university to sell your book. We will create a plan with you that makes your book appealing to many different buyers, as well as how to manage and promote large bulk orders from your clients or those hiring you to speak at their event.

Distribution Options: How your book ends up in the hands of your reader is one of the most important steps and deciding which distribution path is the best for your book is imperative. Different books require different distribution paths, which we will identify for you.


Sales: Metadata is a term thrown out a lot. At the end of the day metadata is what helps your readers find your book. Strong metadata impacts your sales in many ways. We will help you maximize your sales pages across the Internet, with a strong focus on your Amazon sales page, as well as Barnes and Noble, etc.

Discoverability of Your Book: What good is having a book if your readers cannot find it? Have you gone to Amazon and typed in a title and an author name and not been able to find it? It's because the sales page of the book wasn't optimized. We will walk you through the importance of selecting the right categories and keywords for your book. Amazon is always changing so with our up to date data we can ensure your readers can find your book.

Physical Proofing: This is the best part of the process! When you get to touch and feel your book for the very first time!

Marketing: By this point you will already have a strategy in place for how you are going to market your book, but around this month is when we start to take an inventory of what you already have, identify what you still need, and connect you to the right resources and vendors to execute your desired strategy. We are cognizant of budgets and will help you find the best marketers for the best prices. 


Book Launch & Marketing: In month 6 we are damn near close to the finish line of launching your book. We will walk you through a step-by-step process for how to launch your book to bestseller status.

What's Next: Knowing what to do next can be stressful. We will work with you to create a post-book launch strategy that will keep you top of mind for your readers and new potential clients. We will also discuss what might be next for you—a workbook? An online program? A new keynote speech? We have resources, content, and connections to help advise where you and your book should go next!

Get your book cover designed for FREE when you apply today!
a $1,500 savings

This offer is valid when you apply and we accept you into the PYP Academy program.
What Jennifer is saying...
"Writing a book should not be a perilous or expensive process – while publishing with a big house brings many challenges, self-publishing can also be plenty intimidating, and if you’re not careful, expensive. 

Enter Jenn T. Grace, Publish Your Purpose Press, and the PYP Academy. I am a long-time colleague and friend of Jenn’s and often say, “I trust this woman with my life.” She assisted me every step of the way with getting my first book out and made what could have been an overwhelming process simple, guiding me through the right questions to ask and partnering with me patiently, every step of the way. 

I have recommended many, many potential authors to her because of the great care she takes, and how accessible she makes the whole publishing process. If you are at all considering a book in your future, you owe it to yourself to investigate Jenn’s offerings!"—Jennifer Brown

Why so many stories are often overlooked in publishing.

PYP Founder, Jenn T. Grace at
The Business of Becoming an Author Event at the Mark Twain House, Hartford CT (October 2019)

Our Authors Have Been Featured In...

And many other places...

The PYP Difference

Our laser focus exclusively on non-fiction books means that we are on top of the latest trends that will impact your book the most, from marketing to sales to distribution, we have our finger on the pulse of the business side of being an author.

Jamie S. Crump
Backstage Pass: Pulling the Curtain Back on the Business of Supplier Diversity
Dina Proto, RN
Identity Impact: When Society's Expectations Collide with the Authentic Self
Dr. Maysa Akbar
Urban Trauma: A Legacy of Racism & Beyond Ally: The Pursuit of Racial Justice
Dr. Steven R. Yacovelli
Pride Leadership: Strategies for the LGBTQ+ Leader to be the King or Queen of Their Jungle
Cathi Nelson
Photo Organizing Made Easy: Going From OVERWHELMED to OVERJOYED!
Fern Pessin
I'll Be Right There: A Guidebook for Adults Caring for Their Aging Parents
Eileen Scully
In The Company of Men: How Women Can Succeed in a World Built Without Them

With Publish Your Purpose You Are Family!

"We blend, we help each other, and we support each other. That's a huge thing that you don't get with anyone else." - Dina Proto
"When you see other people's books come out, it almost feels like your book. It does feel like a family." - Rhodes Perry

The Nuts & Bolts

i.e. What is included in the PYP Academy

The purpose and intention behind the structure of the PYP Academy is to help set you, your book, and your business up for success.

Without proper alignment, it can be very confusing for readers and potential clients to understand what it is that you do and how your book can help them. This is why we take a strategic approach to every step of this process.

You may have seen a program or service that says you'll get a complete book for $899.

Anyone who tells you you can publish a book for less than $1,000 is lying to you. 

If you knew it would take $10,000 or $15,000 to complete a project within your business, would you hire the person who will charge you only $1,000? Probably not. Why? Because you know that you are going to be sacrificing quality to get a price that low. 

A book is not the place to sacrifice quality. You have way too much on the line to produce something that is not as amazing as you are. 

Quality Takes Time. But Time Equals Money. 

So what’s the solution?

Enter the PYP Academy to support you.

We are going to save you—




On average we are going to save you about 50% in publishing expenses.

Support, Accountability, and Communication

  • Weekly Project Management Support: Every week for 6-months we will be by your side as a project manager ensuring you are staying on deadline, within your budget, while not adding to your stress.
  • Weekly Accountability: Accountability is a huge component of the success of your book. This weekly accountability will ensure you are doing what you need to do to keep your book project moving along.
  • Private WhatsApp & Facebook Group: In between our weekly calls you will have direct access to the PYP Team through WhatsApp and Facebook  to ask questions and seek the guidance you need to overcome an obstacles.
  • Lifetime Access to our Content Library: There are many moving parts to publishing your book. You will have access to our vast library of resources (how to videos, step-by-step guides walking you through certain steps, outreach templates, blueprints). We are continually adding to this library of documents so your lifetime access can support you on future books you publish as well.
  • Private Project Management Kick-Off Call: In addition to the weekly group calls with the PYP Team, you will also have one private call with a PYP Project Manager at the beginning of this process to ensure everything we do together is aligned and that you are poised for success.

Strategy & Marketing

  • Weekly Strategy Support: Throughout the duration of our 6-months together you will have access to PYP Founder/CEO, Jenn T. Grace, to discuss the in-depth strategic components of your book—from how you engage your reader outside of your book to the marketing strategy to launch your book and beyond, you will have consistent support to make it happen.
  • Private Project Strategy Call with PYP Founder: In addition to the weekly group strategy calls, you will also have one private call with PYP Founder/CEO Jenn T. Grace, so she can roll up her sleeves and dive into your project in more detail. This will set the course of your book off in an intentionally strategic direction. 
  • Reader Engagement: Your book is only as effective as your ability to compel your readers to leave the book and get into your marketing or sales funnel. This will provide many more opportunities to be hired for consulting and/or speaking. We will help you identify the best way to engage with these readers for maximum success and return on your investment. 
  • Trusted Vendor Connections: Throughout this process you will be hiring editors, designers, copywriters, and marketers to support different functions of this process. You will be working with our trusted partners to ensure your book is the best quality and at an affordable price.
  • Service Provider Vetting: As soon as your book is published (if not before) many different service providers are going to come out of all directions to try to sell you something. The challenge as a first time author is you don't know if you do or don't need what they are selling. We will help you identify the opportunities presented to you to avoid your stress and overwhelm believing you may have missed something important. 
  • Marketing Guide for Authors: Our marketing guide is a living document that we are always updating to include the latest and greatest marketing techniques that are working for our authors. This guide is broken into an easy to navigate document providing  examples and best practices from your book launch to beyond. 
  • Marketing Videos: Marketing your book isn't always easy. We've brought in additional experts in marketing so you can identify the best marketing path for your book. We have videos on Personal Branding, Websites, How to Launch Your Book, Public Relations, Turning Your Book into an Online Course, and more. These videos will help you further refine your path.
  • Book Launch Interview: When your book is complete and ready to launch, you will be invited to speak with PYP Founder/CEO, Jenn T. Grace in a recorded (and often live) book launch discussion to generate additional interest in your book.
  • Your Book Launch: You will be provided with our step-by-step book launch process that will give your book better odds at becoming a bestseller. 
  • PYP Speakers: Authors that we work with directly are invited to be a part of our PYP Speakers Bureau, which helps support you in your speaking engagements related to your book. This allows us to continue to be champions for your work well beyond the publication date. 

Manuscript Development & Editing

  • Editorial Evaluation: We personally assess your manuscript to identify what type of editing you will need, saving you time and money from potentially hiring the wrong editor or an editing phase that you don't need.
  • Editor Matchmaking: With our editor matchmaking service you won't have to find an editor on your own. We will match you with the right editors for your book. Specifically an editor who is as passionate about your topic as you are, which will yield the best possible product.
  • Creative Control: Often during the traditional publishing process you, as the author, lose creative control over your book due to a mismatch of opinions on what the publisher thinks is best for your book. We are working with you to help you sell your book to your audience, which means we will ensure you don't lose any creative control over your work.
  • Front & Back Matter: Your book isn't just what you've written. There are an assortment of other considerations, such as, a foreword, testimonials, indexing, what are you including in the front of your book, and what are you including in the back of your book. We will guide you through best practices so you can narrow in on what works for your particular book.
  • Your End Goals: Our editorial process will strategically help you think through your end goals as an author and how your manuscript and book will help you achieve those.
  • ​Inclusivity Read: An inclusivity read is a final set of eyes on your manuscript to ensure you haven't inadvertently written something that could be offensive. If this is something you are concerned about we will directly connect you to our partner.

Design & Copywriting

  • Cover Design: Your cover must resonate with your target reader. They say don't judge a book by its cover, but it is absolutely what people do. We will connect you with a trusted design partner that will be the right designer for your book cover.
  • Back Cover: Your back cover is just as important as the front of your book. You will know the best practices for your designer to create a compelling back cover design.
  • About the Author: Does your author biography need to be updated? Maybe it needs the light hand of a copywriter. If so, we will connect you with our preferred contacts to help bring better alignment between your bio and your book.
  • Title & Subtitle: It is imperative that your title and subtitle align specifically and strategically with your target reader. We will provide best practices on what you should consider and review your options together on a weekly call.
  • Book Summary: The book summary that is included on the cover of your book and on your online sales page must be compelling and must be written by an experienced book copywriter. We will connect you to a preferred book copywriter, which will save you time and many headaches trying to write it yourself. Often we are too close to the work to do the summary the justice it deserves.
  • Typesetting: Also known as interior design or page layout. The inside of your book isn't as simple as formatting a Word document and sending it to a printer. A lot of strategy and design skill goes into conveying the right tone to your reader throughout the pages of your book. You will work with our trusted typesetting partner to ensure the final product is everything you dreamed it would be. Our typesetters will also provide you with your ebook in addition to your hardcover/paperback versions.

Pricing & Distribution

  • Consumer Pricing: Did you know you there is a difference between pricing your book for consumers versus bookstores, colleges, or libraries? You will know how to price your book by understanding and researching your competition. 
  • Wholesale Pricing: Bookstores, colleges, and libraries, all require your book to be priced specifically for them. We will work with you on best practices to identify the best pricing for these markets.
  • Bulk Pricing & Discounts: The quickest path to your return on investment is identifying ways you can sell your book in bulk. You'll learn best practices for how to sell large quantities of your books in different settings.
  • College Market: Does your book's topic lend itself to being sold in college or university settings? We provide the strategy and templates necessary to reach out to professors to aid in your book being picked up as part of course curriculum. 
  • Full Distribution: You'll know exactly how to get your book available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, bookstores, libraries, and over 35,000+ other online retailers. 
  • ​PYP Bookstore: We will also include your book in our PYP Bookstore for additional exposure. 
  • Royalties: You keep 100% of the royalties you earn on each sale of your book. We will show you how to monitor and track your royalty payments from each source. 

Important Minutia

  • Templates: In order for the printer to print your books they need to be on specific book templates. We will work with you on obtaining the right template for your book.
  • Barcodes: Every book needs a barcode. We'll help you with that!
  • ISBNs: ISBNs are a critical part of the process to ensure your book is properly cataloged. We will provide ISBNs for you at no additional charge. Your hardcover, paperback, and ebook need their own. We provide all three.
  • ​Library of Congress Number: Did you know that you need to register your book with the Library of Congress? Don't worry, we'll show you exactly how.
  • Copyright Protection: We will provide the proper U.S. copyright information with you as the copyright holder within your book. We will also show you exactly how to file for additional copyright protection with the U.S. Copyright Office.
  • Categories: Selecting the right categories for your book to be placed in requires strategy to ensure your book is findable by those looking for it. We will provide you with our formula for how to do this, as well as review your categories on a weekly call.
  • ​​Keywords: Selecting the right keywords and keyword phrases is imperative for a reader to find your book among the noise. We will provide you with our formula for how to do this, as well as review your categories on a weekly call.
What Melissa is saying...
"When I started the program, I was giddy at the thought that I would be guided through the trenches of the total publishing process by an entrepreneur (an expert who thinks differently, works harder, and has more fun while getting sh*t done:). 

It was clear from the start that Jenn and her team had created a platform that was thorough, actionable, and generous beyond compare. I have had the absolute privilege of getting to know Jenn and the aspiring authors in my group. I absolutely love the interaction and the learning each week. 

I very much appreciate that Jenn embraces each of us exactly where we are each week, so those of us on a slower roll feel supported AND like we’re not holding anyone else back. 

I also love that fact that she turns virtually every idea/suggestion (almost immediately) into a concrete addition to her amazing platform for the benefit of all participants". —Melissa Kerr

Our Promises to YOU.

We are committed to...

  • giving underrepresented voices power and a stage to share their stories, speak their truth, and impact their communities.
  • protecting you through this process and not taking advantage of the fact that you are a first-time author and don’t know the landscape.
  • publishing a book that will resonate with your audience that you can be proud of.
  • ​a high touch collaborative experience between us as the publisher and you as the author.
  • being a sounding board for new marketing ideas, while staying up to date on current trends and leveraging proven methods that are known to work.
  • ​providing you with reputable vendors to help execute different strategies when the needs arise.
  • ​being a long-term partner with you and your book.
  • ​holding you accountable to ensure you continue to promote and market your book.

Frequently Asked Questions

Big Picture FAQs

Why does it take 6-months to publish my book?
You've likely taken years to complete your manuscript and now you can see the finish line. But this is not the time to speed up the process by taking shortcuts. To produce a well thought through strategic book that aligns with your business and your brand, you need a solid 6-months to complete all of the necessary steps in the process. Remember, traditional publishing takes a minimum of 18-24 months, so you are going to be in great shape!
What if it takes me longer than 6-months?
We have found that most people can complete their publishing within 6 months. Occasionally the editing process may take longer than expected which could push you past the 6-month mark. In addition to having lifetime access to all of our materials, worksheets, templates, etc. you will also have an option to continue with weekly project management and strategy calls beyond the 6-months to ensure you cross the finish line.
Am I self-publishing with the PYP Academy?
The short answer is yes, this is self-publishing. However, we give you the PYP Academy Press imprint to use. This benefits you when a reader lands on your Amazon sales page and sees PYP Academy Press in the publisher details, and not Your Name LLC. This is often a red flag to the reader that this book was self-published which may create doubt in their mind. But in the PYP Academy you are working through all of the best practices so your book will not "look self-published." When you shortcut processes and ignore best practices that's when you can run into trouble. You are in good hands with us!
Do you take a royalty?
We do not. All of the money you make on your book, you keep. 
Will my books printed on demand or will I have to pay for a large inventory of books? 
We feel print on demand is the best path because it is the most economical approach for authors. This is good for you because you don't have to order 1,000 books at $7/per book (as an example) and have $7,000 in inventory you are warehousing. We will advise you of offset printing capabilities so if you do want to order a larger quantity you would absolutely know how to do so. We explain these differences to you.
How much will publishing cost when I am done?
In our Book Cost Blueprint we identify that you could spend up to $22,200 to publish your book. This is to ensure you are doing it properly and follow best practices. However, we are experts in who to hire, when to hire, and how to hire, the right people. On average we find authors spend about $11,000. Our goal is to guide you in a way that reduces the amount of money you have to spend by showing you what you need versus what you don't need. Then, we help you map out your path to earning money with your book.

Detailed FAQs

What if I can't make a weekly meeting?
The PYP Academy was designed with busy people in mind. Over the course of 6-months there will be a time where you cannot make a weekly call. There’s no need to worry—each session is recorded and only available to the participants within that group. All you need to do is submit your question in advance and we will make sure we answer your specific question on the call. That way you don’t lose any momentum even if you can’t be with us live.
Where will I find all of the resources you talk about above?
We use an online learning management tool. You will be provided with a username and login details where you will be able to see all of the materials you need to publish your book. The materials are provided in a sequential way to move you through the process most efficiently. If you want to skip around and do things faster, you are welcome to, however, we have created the format to adhere to best practices.
What formats are the resources in?
We use a combination of videos, worksheets, templates, spreadsheets, etc. The intention is to make the learning experience as smooth as possible for you, which means consuming the information in the way you prefer.
How do we stay connected between calls?
We very much focus on creating a community and a family atmosphere. We urge our authors to create relationships with one another. As a result we have private Facebook Groups, WhatsApp Groups, and Slack Channels. Depending on what platform you are on, we have a way to support you.
Did you know that as a published author through PYP you get access to be part of our PYP Speakers Bureau?
Yup, we support our authors with their speaking too! We are in it for the long haul with you!

About Publish Your Purpose (PYP)

As a Woman-owned and LGBTQ-owned business, Publish Your Purpose Press is a diverse owned hybrid publishing company with a strong focus on diversity among our team, our authors, and our supply chain. 

At Publish Your Purpose Press we go all-in with our authors. Not only are we publishing your book, we are in many cases launching your budding author (and sometimes speaker) business. 

At Publish Your Purpose Press (PYP) we give underrepresented voices a platform to share their stories, speak their truth and impact their communities. Our purpose, and mission, is to elevate and amplify the voices of others.
We are fully invested in, and committed to, the success of our authors. We are focused on building long-term author relationships, not just business transactions. At PYP we understand that publishing a book can be difficult. We go to great lengths to not only ensure your book is on track and meeting its deadline, but we also do our very best to manage your emotional overwhelm. What makes us unique in the publishing world is our holistic team approach, which cares for you, the author as we collaborate to publish your book. Our team will help you establish clarity right from the start and stay beside you, helping you remain focused and on-target, providing support and guidance along the way. 

Why Do We Do This?

We believe Everyone Has A Story and that story deserves to be elevated and amplified.

The problem?
Unfortunately, the publishing industry is crowded, noisy, and filled with predatory service providers. This makes it very hard for you, the author, to understand and avoid those publishers with bad practices.

PYP was founded to be an anti-predatory publisher. Having seen clients and friends be taken advantage of in the publishing process, founder, Jenn T. Grace, set out to create a publishing company that puts the author first. Protecting our authors is at the forefront of every decision we make as an organization. 

During the publishing process, we carry this on with our authors as we review “opportunities” they are presented with and advise them if it’s a known scam. This ranges from awards someone suggested they should submit for, to an Amazon Ad service provider, and beyond. We work with you to put forth a solid book that aligns with you, your business, and your brand, with no predatory behaviors in the process.

Here's What To Do Now

If you are as excited about this as we are, you are ready to take the next step! Are you ready to impact the world with your story?

Step 1: Submit Your Author Application

Step 2: Check Your Email for Application Status

We only have 19 spots available, so act quickly when your approval comes through. 

Your next step will be scheduling time to speak to a Book Publishing Strategist on our team to discuss your book project in more detail.

At Publish Your Purpose (PYP) we give underrepresented voices a platform to share their stories, speak their truth and impact their communitiesOur purpose, and mission, is to elevate and amplify the voices of others.

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